Twin Mono Jack Cable


  • Sommer Onyx 2025 professional Twin Unbalanced Cable
  • Genuine Amphenol Connectors
  • Custom Lengths & Breakout/Tails
  • For Connecting Unbalanced Equipment

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A twin unbalanced cable using high grade components.  The cable is Sommer Onyx 2025 twin unbalanced and is terminated with 1/4″ Amphenol mono (TS) connectors.  Each line is colour labelled to distingish right channel (RED) and left channel (Black).  All our cables are built to order and can be customed to any customer specifications (including labelling).

For use with unbalanced connections, for example pedal board, keyboard.

Onyx 2025 twin cable…

is similar in design and quality to the TRICONE MKII, but a little thinner due to the twin construction. It is well-suited for manufacturing hifi cables, adapters and for permanent installation. And it fits nearly all jack and RCA connectors. The SC-Onyx 2025 MKII can be spliced at the centre of the cable. Each wire has its own helical copper mesh screen plus a thick jacket. The insulation is marked in white and red.

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