Syntax Circular Circular Multipin Connector Panel Female 37 Pin

  • Syntax Multipin Connector Panel Female 37 Pin.
  • 12 Channels Balanced Audio.
  • Syntax Roadline Series.
  • Gold Female Pins Included.
  • Pins For Wire Size 0.15-0.6 mm² (AWG 26-20).


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Panel Female Syntax Multipin connector for analogue audio applications.  This is a crimp connector and suitable crimping and production tools are required for professional wiring of the pins.  The connector is supplied with pins included for audio connections.

The Syntax® SHD Roadline series has set a new benchmark for industry standard MIL-C-5015 designs. An uncompromised solution providing super-reliable military-grade multipin connections in such diverse fields as industrial machinery and automation, energy, managing of audio channels and connections of a wide range of devices. Suitable for any indoors or outdoor applications including live events, touring and broadcasting. Syntax® SHD Roadline extreme robustness guarantees long term reliability and an increased number of mating cycles in rigorous conditions. Circular bayonet connectors compliant with MIL-C-5015 and VG 95234 standards, RoHS.


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