Syntax 16 Channel Female Multipin to XLR Male Tails


  • Sommer Mistral Multicore Cable Analogue & DMX
  • Syntax SVK Multipin Connectors – Female 54 Pin 16 Way
  • Multipin Connectors Come With Locking Protective Covers
  • Rubber Retaining Ring, Green
  • Genuine Neutrik XLR male NC3MXX
  • Multipin Is Compatible With VEAM, Ten47, Tourlock, & Van Damme VDM Connectors

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Change To Required Length (0.15-30m)


Syntax SVK Circular Female Multipin to 16 × Neutrik XLR Male Plugs Loom. Custom made to order at Cable For Musicians in Donegal, Ireland, using Syntax SVK Multipin connectors, Sommer Mistral Multicore, and Neutrik XLR NC3MXX.


  • Genuine Multipin & Neutrik Connectors
  • Channel Numbers on labelled heatshrink
  • Black PET Braided Slieve on each tail channel adding robustness to the tails while making them more manageable
  • Tail Channel numbers located on printed heatshrink on tail
  • Multipin Is Compatible With VEAM, Ten47, Tourlock, & Van Damme VDM Connectors
  • Made by hand in Donegal Ireland to Military Specification Crimping (MIL-C-5015) & thoroughly tested before dispatch

The Syntax® SVK series provides super-reliable military-grade connecting solutions in industrial machinery and automation, and in applications such as energy, managing of audio channels and connection of a wide range of devices. All details have been thoughtfully engineered to set a higher standard on circular multipin connectors and provide an unprecedented level of strength, durability and comfort. Its IP67 waterproof rating (when mated) makes the SVK series suitable for usage everywhere, either indoors or outdoors.

On the females, the locking ring is comfortable to lock thanks to the deep knurl ridges, and has a thick-walled construction for increased durability in case of misuse or accidental blows. The roller pins ensure easy coupling with an audible click when connectors are locked.

Circular bayonet connectors compliant with MIL-C-5015 and VG 95234 standards, RoHS.

Connector specification:
Syntax – 54 pin industry standard female

Cable specification:
Sommer Mistral 16-Way Multicore Cable

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