Syntax 12 Channel Female Multipin to XLR Female Tails

  • Sommer Mistral Professional Grade Multicore Cable
  • Syntax SHD Roadline Multipin Connectors – Female 37 Pin 12 Way
  • Multipin Connectors Come With Locking Protective Covers
  • Rubber Retaining Ring, Green
  • Genuine Neutrik Female XLR NC3MXX

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Syntax Roadline Circular Female Multipin to 12 × Female XLR Plugs Loom. Custom made to order at Cable For Musicians in Donegal, Ireland, using Syntax Roadline Multipin connectors, Sommer Mistral Multicore, and Neutrik XLR female connector NC3FXX


  • Genuine Multipin & Neutrik Connectors
  • Channel Numbers Under Clear Rings On The Body Of The XLR Itself
  • Black PET Braided Slieve on each tail channel adding robustness to the tails while making them more manageable
  • Tail Channel numbers located under transparent ring on XLR and printed heatshrink on tail
  • Made by hand in Donegal, Ireland to Military Specification Crimping (MIL-C-5015) & thoroughly tested before dispatch

Roadline Series
No matter how bad the weather can be, SHD is not afraid to work outdoors
The Syntax® SHD Roadline series has set a new benchmark for industry standard MIL-C-5015 designs. An uncompromised solution providing super-reliable military-grade multipin connections in such diverse fields as industrial machinery and automation, energy, managing of audio channels and connections of a wide range of devices. Suitable for any indoors or outdoor applications including live events, touring and broadcasting. Syntax® SHD Roadline extreme robustness guarantees long term reliability and an increased number of mating cycles in rigorous conditions. Circular bayonet connectors compliant with MIL-C-5015 and VG 95234 standards, RoHS.

Connector specification:
Syntax – 37 pin industry standard female
NC3FXX – Neutrik male 3 pin XLR plug, nickel body & silver contacts

Cable specification:
Sommer Mistral 12-Way Multicore Cable


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