Sennheiser Ci Instrument Cable (Line)


  • Sennheiser EW, G3, G2, G1
  • Locking Jack For Sennheiser EW Systems
  • Not suitable for Freeport!
  • Neutrik NP2RX to Hicon Screw Lock Mini Jack
Length/meters (0.15-1m)


An unbalanced cable used with Sennheiser EW systems wired to line.  For use with instruments, guitar etc..  The connectors are from Hicon and Neutrik on Sommer Onyx 2025 instrument cable (Single line).  these components provide a truly professional cable for your setup.

Cable wiring is unbalanced XLR to Screw Lock Mini Jack.


TRS Tip & Sleeve to TR Sleeve

TRS Ring to TR Tip


Additional information

Weight10 kg


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