Schill GT235 D-Series Network Drum Sommer Cat 6a Ethercon


  • Network drum Schill GT235
  • Neutrik RJ45 Socket NE8FDV-YK
  • Sommer Mercator Cat.6a
  • 1 x Hirose RJ45 & Neutrik NE8MX-B

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Enter Length 50 - 70m

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Network drum Cat.6a Sommer Mercator 4 pair data cable, available length 50 – 70m on the professional Schill GT235 drum with Ethercon socket.  Connectors on this drum are high quality Hirose RJ45 Cat6a and the Neutrik NE8MX-B.  Neutrik D Series faceplate & Hirose RJ45/Neutrik NE8MX-B.

SC-MERCATOR CAT.6a HIGHFLEX patch cable with
an outer diameter of only 6.2 mm and an extremely small bending radius
of <20 mm can wind its way through narrow patch panels, data cabinets
and touring racks. And this in spite of a sturdy, robust PVC jacket and
an S/FTP construction with a mesh screen plus AL/PT foil screen around
the 4x2xAWG26/7 wire pairs. . The overall design is guaranteed to
meet the CAT.6a performance up to 500 MHz.

SC-MERCATOR CAT.6a highflex data sheet here

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