Penn Elcom Mic Multicore Cable 2 Pair AES-EBU Black for DMX & Analogue


  • Penn com 2 Way Multicore
  • Numbered single pair & screened
  • Quick Strip
  • Analogue and digital signals
  • Touring & install applications

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Penn Elcom multicore unified oxygen free copper (OFC) multi-pair cable available in 2, 4, 8, 12
Brand: Penn Elcom
Conductor: Stranded copper wire 18×0.10mm=0.14mm AWG 26 bare
Insulation: Foam-Skin PE (02YS)
Twisting: 2 cores to a pair (2 pairs)
Pair shield: Alu/PVC foil metal inside
Drain wire : Stranded copper tin plated 7 x 0.16mm= 0.14mm2 AWG 26
Inner Sheath: Grey PVC
Jacket: Soft PVC
Colour: Black
Diameter: 8.50mm + – 0.25mm
Conductor resistance: max 138Ohm/km at 20 degrees centigrade
Insulation resistance: min 100MOhm x km at 20 degrees centigrade
Capacitance : C/C approx 40pF/m @1kHz
Impedance: approx 105 ohm @ 1Mhz
Operating voltage: max 50-75 V AC/DC
Temperature range: -20 to + 70 Centigrade
Weight: 0.082kg/m / 0.1808Lb/m


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