Neutrik Twin Audio RCA/Phono to XLR Male Cable on Sommer Onyx 2025


Sommer Onyx 2025 professional twin cable connected with Neutrik NC3MXX & Rean Phono/RCA.

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The twin cable…

is similar in design and quality to the TRICONE MKII, but a little thinner due to the twin construction. It is well-suited for manufacturing hifi cables, adapters and for permanent installation. And it fits nearly all jack and RCA connectors. The SC-Onyx 2025 MKII can be spliced at the centre of the cable. Each wire has its own helical copper mesh screen plus a thick jacket. The insulation is marked in white and red.


  • Very flexible because of its fine single litz design
  • Each conductor is insulated and individually shielded with a helical copper
    mesh screen
  • Cables may be separated easily by hand
  • Small jacket diameter, ensuring easy handling with RCA and jack connectors


  • Cabling of unbalanced devices (keyboards)
  • Connection lead for hifi components
  • Assembly of Y-adapter cable
  • Assembly of insert cable

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