Neutrik Starquad Microphone Cable TRS to TRS


  • Neutrik XLR Connectors NP3X – NP3X
  • 100% Shielded Cable
  • Starquad Crossover Cable
  • High-end connection of hi-fi components

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The Sound Director…Neutrik Starquad Microphone Cable Jack to Jack

Noise suppression at its best (for optimum noise values the cable is wired in crossover mode, i.e. the opposing wires RED/WHITE and BLUE/YELLOW are combined). A tight Cu spiral screen plus an extra metallized fleece foil ensure an outstanding shielding. Owing to its elaborate construction this cable is also often found in hi-fi studios where it appeals with its homogeneous and linear sound image. If you don’t want to accept any sonic or electric compromises at your studio, this cable is the way to go!


  • Extremely noise-free due to the crossover connection of the 4 single wires
  • Very good transmission safety and linear sound transmission
  • Extremely robust and good tensile strength due to the thick PVC jacket
  • 100 % shielding owing to dense helical copper mesh screen plus additional
    metallised fleece foil

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