Neutrik Seetronic XLR 12 Way Custom Stagebox Analogue


  • Professional custom 12 way multicore on compact steel stagebox
  • Seetronic SCS Series XLR braided tails.
  • XLR Sockets Neutrik NC3FAAV2 & NC3MAAV2
  • XLR’s numbered using labelled heatshrink.
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Length meters ( Max 15m)
Tails (mm)
Please enter alternative specifications here or use the Contact link above: We will be in touch to confirm all specs after order. Price won't change. :)


12 channel stagebox with AA type connectors from Neutrik.  Fly end terminated with Seetronic Plugs.  Analogue

All specifications are confirmed with customers prior to build and are included, along with any amendments, in the above price.

A solid 1.7mm compact steel stagebox loaded with Neutrik XLR Sockets Neutrik NC3FAAV2 & NC3MAAV2 .  The stagebox and tails can be customed to your specs for over all length, and tail length (see above).  The multicore is analogue (See Sommer Mistral multicore for DMX & Digital) and the system is built to the same robust standards as our Sommer Mistral multicore systems.

All our boxes come with braided tails which gives excellent physical protection against breakage on live stage and tour, and make the tails much more manageble.  For racks and studio installs the tails can be left bare if preferred.  Tails are clearly numbered at each connector with durable labbelling on heatshrink.

Connector / Cable Gland:
Dreitec Steel Box 1.7mm
Supplied with rubber anti-skid feet.

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Weight21 kg


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