Neutrik & Hicon 8 Way Custom Stage Box Multicore AES-EBU for DMX & Analogue


Professional custom 8 way multicore stage & studio box custom made with your connector specifications, AES-EBU for DMX & Analogue. Reduce setup and breakdown times while keeping the playing area tidy and safe.

Length (From Box To Connectors, Meters)
Fly End – Breakouts/Tails
Channel 1: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 2: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 3: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 4: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 5: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 6: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 7: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 8: Box - Tail Selection


8 channel stage box with D-series connectors from Neutrik, Hicon, & Deltron. Fly end terminated with Neutrik Plugs. AES-EBU for DMX & Analogue

Fully customised to your specified requirements with the following termination: XLR, RCA/Phono, Midi, Jack Mono/Stereo, Mini Jack, & Hybrid Jack/XLR Combo.

Professional grade Penn Elcom 8 way pre-jacketed multicore braided at the fly end to increase robustness dramatically. Construction is extremely solid especially at common fault points such as the breakout and connector terminations. All connections are hot glued which reduces the fail rate radically. The breakout and braid is secured using cable ties, glue, and doubled up adhesive lined heat shrink.

Our boxes and multicore are connected using professional grade connectors from Hicon & Neutrik

Connector / Cable Gland:
Finish: Powder Coated Black
Depth: 265mm/ 10.43″
Width: 55mm/ 2.17″
Height: 63mm/ 2.48″

16 Gauge Steel

Supplied with rubber anti-skid feet.