Neutrik Balanced Microphone Cable XLR Female to Angled Jack Sommer SC-Primus

Studio & Rough Stage Balanced Microphone Cable.  Neutrik NP3RX Angled-NCFXX on Sommer SC-Primus

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Balanced Microphone Cable

We stock a range of balanced, mic, stereo cable at Cable For Musicians, four of which we use as our standard for mic and balanced requirements.  These are the Sommer SC-Stage 22, SC-Club MKII, SC-Source, and SC-Primus.  Each of these microphone cables has been designed with the nuance of different playing environments in mind.

The Stage 22 mic cable is a highly flexible cable that we use as a standard microphone or balanced connection for our patch cables.  We have used it for years as a gigging cable and its thick outer jacket ensures that it can take the rigours of stage work.

The Club MKII mic/balanced cable is constructed to have outstanding transmission qualities.  It is a highly flexible mic cable suited to stage and studio however it is categorised FRNC making it suitable for stage venue installation.

The Source mic cable is a studio grade mic cable with 100% shielding.  It is highly regarded by studio professionals and is built to work as a microphone cable that can live easily in busy EM environments.  Cables with similar qualities to the source are on the market at more than double the sale price at Cable For Musicians.

The Primus microphone cable contains 2 x 500mm(2) cores and was designed as a cable that can hold signal integrity over long runs of cable.  It has 100% shielding and while flexible, it has an outer jacket that can live with extremely rough environments.  It will happily lwork on stage, in the studio, or in outside broadcast environments.

The marathon runner…
Will have a hard time and must run. Likewise our cables must cover the long distances at the sports arena. But they will lie and not run. So due to its cross-section 2 x 0,50 mm², this cable is also ideal for theaters, public buildings, etc. Owing to the 100 % shielding and the thick outer jacket, the SC-Primus is also recommended for installations at discotheques, because neither the aggressive nicotine nor wild temperature fluctuations can hardly do any harm to this cable. Gigging musicians swear by this cable, rental shop owners prefer the SC-Primus because of its durability and a slight bounce, making manual winding easy.

Optimum transmission quality even with excess lengths due to the large wire gauge of 2 x 0,50 mm²
100 % shielding due to dense helical copper mesh screen and extra metallised fleece
Great durability due to the thick PVC with a diameter of 6,70 mm
Easy to reel and good tensile strength
Broadcasting and OB van technology, building installation
Professional studio technology
Tough stage application
Installation in discos, coffee shops, at sporting events

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Weight10 kg
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3m, 6m, 9m


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