Neutrik Microphone Cable XLR Angled/Straight


  • Neutrik XLR X Angled Series 3 Pin
  • Angled/Straight Connectors
  • Cable OD 6.5mm
  • Balanced Cable
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Angled male to straight female XLR cable using Neutrik connectors from the XX series on Sommer Cable Stage 22.  Perfect cable for panel hookup in the studio or live.  Cables can be cusomed for length and cable type at the customers request, please contact directly for pricing on builds using other cable brand cable or higher spec cable.

The cable is suited for:

  • Microphone balanced connection
  • As a speaker cable for powered speakers
  • All balanced XLR patch connections

For use with racks and panels, please consider the orientation of the connectors so that they do not interfere with other connections on the rack.  The connectors can be oriented in degrees of 0, 45, 90, 145.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk through your requirements (**838231055**).

Connectors Male & Female XLR:  NC3MRX & NC3FXX 

Cable: Sommer SC-Stage 22

The cable is a highflex cable with very good handling.  Each cable comes with a free hook and loop tie around, which helps to keep things neat and tidy,  helping at both setup and breakdown.

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