Mojave MA300 Tube Microphone Cable Neutrik on Sommer SC-Octave


  • Mojave MA300 Tube Microphone
  • 100% Shield
  • High quality linear transmission
  • Highly flex cable
  • Neutrik 7 Pin XLR Connectors

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Length/meters (0.5-20m)
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Mojave MA300 Tube Microphone

The Sommer Octave tube microphone cable used to manufacture these leads is a cable specifically designed for use with Tube and Valve mic’s. Two of the 7 cores are a heavier gauge of copper that supply power to the heater. Here is what SOMMER say……

Our SC-OCTAVE TUBE has been especially developed for the connection of tube microphones. It has a total of 7 wires, two for power input and the remaining ones for parameter-variable directivity, sensing (measuring), heating, and power for the tube capsule. These five wires are made up of 72 superfine individual 0.05 mm wires and guarantee linear transmission and high flexibility. With 100 % opaque shielding (copper spiral + AL-fleece) the SC-OCTAVE TUBE is protected against all kinds of interference. It is ideal for the connection of Neumann, BPM, Schoeps + many more.

Sommer SC-OCTAVE TUBE 7 Core Cable

Connected with Neutrik NC7MXX and NC7FXX 7-pin Connectors

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Weight10 kg
Tube Mic Model

MOJAVE MA 300, Neumann U67 Max Kircher, Telefunken TF51


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