Mogami Gold Angled Guitar Cable


  • Gold Series Mogami Guitar Cable
  • Custom Lengths
  • Neutrik Black Gold NP2X Series
  • 10 Year Warranty

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This instrument cable from the Gold Edition uses the MOGAMI 2524 high definition cable. The cable remains extremely flexible thanks to the inner conductor structure made up of 50 individual cores . The oxygen-free copper (OFC) used ensures maximum signal fidelity. A second shield made of conductive plastic effectively prevents mechanical interference . So you don’t have to worry that stepping on the cable will disturb your game and distort your sound. The right-angled jack plug from Neutrik also ensures that you as a guitarist can move freely.
Concentrate on your performance – the MOGAMI 2524 ensures a defined un coloured sound.

shielding:Spiral Shield (57/0.18 OFC)
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C):130 pF/m
Warranty:10 Years
applicable temperature:-20°C – +60°C
durability:15.000 cycles
DC resistance:Inner Conductor: 0,033 Ohm/m / Shield Conductor: 0,014 Ohm/m
2. shield:Ov. Dia.: 3,4 mm / Material: Carbon PVC / Color: black
insulation:Ov. Dia.: 1,6 mm / Material: PE / Color: Clear
cable diameter:6 mm
cable no .:2524
inner conductor:Details: 50 x 0,12 OFC / Size: 0,56 mm² (AWG20)
jacket material:Flexible PVC
connector:6,3 mm plug (Neutrik NP2X-B), 6,3 mm right-angle plug (Neutrik NP2RX-B)
no. of conductor:1


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