Microphone Balanced Cable Sommer SC-Source Per Meter


  • For studio patch and microphone
  • Neutral and loss-free 
  • PVC 6.5 mm OD
  • 2 x 0.25 mm² signal core
  • Analogue balanced/stereo 100% shielded cable
  • Colour black

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The Sommer SC-Source is a double shielded, low loss 2 core balanced/stereo cable for syudio patch and microphone applications.  The cable is flexible and handles extremely well for coiling, storing and laying out.  This is our cable of choice for studio based customers and the feedback for the cable is exceptional

The cable has a 100%shielding factor, and incorporates a double shield consisting of a metalic foil underneath a tight copper braid.  Neutrik NP3X (Jack) and NC3MXX (XLR) are perfect for use with the Source, fitting tightly without being forced.  There is a little work dismantling the metallic foil and cotton strands while preparing the cable for soldering, this is common with higher spec cables and not uniques to the source, and we find this a small price to pay for such a technically excellent cable.

The price/performance of Sommer SC-Source, as we have found with all Sommer cables, is excellent.  Many brand cables of equal specification generally cost twice the price of Sommer SC-Source.

Cable For Musicians Ireland Verdict:  A class cable.

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