DMX Lighting Cable 5 Pin DMX XLR on Digi-Quad 110 Ω AES/EBU


  • AES/EBU- and 5 Pin DMX-conformant, highly flexible
  • Extremely robust with an especially strong jacket
  • Only a little more expensive than a standard microphone cable
  • For networking of scanners, lighting units, digital mixing boards, etc.
  • For indoor and outdoor installation
  • For connection of digital audio amplifiers, DAT-recorders, etc.
  • Made in Ireland

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5 Pin DMX Hicon XLR metal connectors.  Used primarily in lighting control applications as a DMX signal. The DMX specification allows for two completely separate data channels over the one 5 pin connector.  5 pin connectors can often be wired to 3 pins only, which only allows 1 channel.

  • Pin 1: Shield (Common)
  • Pin 2: DMX 1 Negative
  • Pin 3: DMX 1 Positive
  • Pin 4: DMX 2 Negative
  • Pin 5: DMX 2 Positive

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