Custom Rack Tails


  • Custom Rack Panel Tails
  • Front or Rear Load
  • For New Builds
  • Refurbish Faulty Channels Individually
  • Money Saver
Custom Tail Length (0.15-0.5m)
Connectors Panel - Tail


Individual custom tails for 19″ rack panels for use in new builds or to replace faulty channels in existing rack panels.  The tails can be front or rear loaded to suit taste or to maintain aesthetics of existing panels (we recommend rear loading).  The tails are offered to various specs including connector brand, type, and tail length.  The main specs are available here on the product page but we can custom the vast majority of specs that might be required, please contact us  HERE if you find that is the case for you.

Our pricing above includes tails up to 50cm (or there about).  If you need lengths significantly beyond 50cm please get in touch, we will get back very quickly.   HERE


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