Combo Cable for IEM In Ear Monitoring Systems. Guitar & Headphone


Combo Cable:
-Balanced & Unbalanced Channel
-Perfect For IEM with Guitar/Keyboard
-Custom With Any Connector Combination & Length

Change To Required Length (0.15-30m)


A combo & compact IEM cable combining a compact microphone cable  with Sommer Tricone guitar cable.  In ear monitoring or piezo-electric combinations may be realised through one flexible cable.

Standard splice length is 0.30 m. Other connection configurations or custom
lengths are available anytime on request.  Built with Neutrik Plugs and a Neutrik Rean Socket, the cable can be customised for any permutation of connectors including, XLR, TRS, Mini Jack, TS etc.

Balanced or unbalanced…

that is the question – or rather it isn’t, for with our TRICONE SYMASYM you’ve got both! Notably our axe players wanted to have a cable for the trendy piezo/electric guitars which could perfectly transmit the embosomed full crunch and also the true acoustic sound. This opens up new sound options within a song. And since we are passionate musicians ourselves, we immediately buckled down to develop a cable with a round PVC jacket (IEC 60332-1) combining the proven TRICONE ® and the compact, balanced CICADA.
By the way, this cable can also carry the instrument signal and the IN-EAR monitoring signal in one line. We see no limits for other application possibilities.


  • Unbalanced instrument line plus balanced audio line in one cable
  • Flexible round jacket for tough use on stage
  • Easy handling owing to 2-in-1 concept


  • Instrument + In-ear system over one cable
  • Guitars with electric/piezo multi-pickup system (standard magnetic pickups + bridge piezo)

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Weight10 kg


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