Circular Multipin 12 Channel Custom Stagebox


  • Syntax 12 Channel Circular Multipin stagebox
  • 37 Pin Panel Male Multipin
  • Strong Compact Steel Housing
  • Crimped to Milspec
  • Locking Protective Covers Included
  • Multipin Is Compatible With VEAM, Ten47, Tourlock, & Van Damme VDM Connectors
  • Custom Loading


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Channel 1: Multipin Box
Channel 2: Multipin Box
Channel 3: Multipin Box
Channel 4: Multipin Box
Channel 5: Multipin Box
Channel 6: Multipin Box
Channel 7: Multipin Box
Channel 8: Multipin Box
Channel 9: Multipin Box
Channel 10: Multipin Box
Channel 11: Multipin Box
Channel 12: Multipin Box


Syntax Circular Multipin Stagebox 12 Way.

The Box:  Compact, durable & robust 1.7mm steel stagebox (177.8 x 143.0 x 85.0mm) milled with 12 Neutrik D-Series Holes.  It can be loaded to customer specification with Neutrik NC3MD-LX XLR male,Neutrik NC3FD-LX XLR female, or Neutrik locking jack NJ3FP6C.  Connectors are wired to the 37 pin (12 channel) Syntax male panel connecter for mating with circular multipin female to tails cable, or female to male extension cable.  XLR wiring is solder using Sommer Cable 4% Silver Fluxless Solder, multipin is milspec crimp.  All terminations are insulated.

Syntax SVK Circular Multipin:  The Syntax® SVK series provides super-reliable military-grade connecting solutions in industrial machinery and automation, and in applications such as energy, managing of audio channels and connection of a wide range of devices. All details have been thoughtfully engineered to set a higher standard on circular multipin connectors and provide an unprecedented level of strength, durability and comfort. Its IP67 waterproof rating (when mated) makes the SVK series suitable for usage everywhere, either indoors or outdoors.

Circular bayonet connectors compliant with MIL-C-5015 and VG 95234 standards, RoHS.

Connector specification:
Syntax – 37 pin industry standard male

Neutrik NC3MD-LX

Neutrik NC3FD-LX

Neutrik NJ3FP6C 



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