Cable For Musicians Neutrik 12 Way Custom Loom AES-EBU for DMX & Analogue


  • Sommer Mistral 12 Way Multi-Core Audio Loom
  • Genuine Neutrik Connectors – NC3FXX / NP3X / NC3MXX / NP2X
  • Numbered 1 to 12 On Printed Heatshrink
  • Custom Braided Fly End Lengths Available
  • Length Is From Connector To Connector – Fly End Lengths Included
  • Up To 15m Length’s Available – Black Cable Only

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Length meters ( Max 15m)
12 Way Send/Return
Channel 1: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 2: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 3: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 4: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 5: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 6: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 7: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 8: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 9: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 10: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 11: Tail - Tail Selection
Channel 12: Tail - Tail Selection
Please enter alternative specifications here or use the Contact link above: We will be in touch to confirm all specs after order.

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12 Channel Custom Jack & XLR Balanced Looms. Flexible, noiseless and rugged, these looms are built using Sommer Mistral professional multicore cable.  This cable is the perfect choice for touring & install applications. It offers superb performance and reliability for both analogue and digital signals.

Professional Grade Components:

  • Genuine Neutrik Nickel Jack Connectors NP3X, NC3FXX, NC3MXX, NP2X
  • Sommer Mistral Pre Jacketed Multicore Cable
  • Stereo/Balanced Loom
  • Numbers Under Clear Heatshrink/Coding Ring
  • Black PET 4 Braid Used To Protect Each Channel, For Robustness & Durability

Channel numbers printed on heatshrink & custom labelling available. These cables are hand built in the Donegal, rigorously tested before dispatch and carry a two year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Connectors specification:
Neutrik 6.35mm (1/4″) Stereo Jack NP3X, Mono Jack NP2X

Neutrik 3 Pin Female XLR NC3FXX, NC3MXX

Cable specification:
Sommer Mistral 12 Way Pre-Jacketed Multicore Cable


Please note:
The length of cable is measured from connector to connector, which includes the breakout/tails. Looms under 1m we use 150mm standard breakout length.  All specifications confirmed before we build.

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