Budget Microphone Cable XLR


Reliable, flexible, and affordable budget microphone XLR cable from Cable For Musicians, custom made in Donegal, Ireland.


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Budget microphone cable custom built using the world renowned Sommer Cable Stage 22, connected with economy XLR connectors.

Common name variants:

  • XLR Cable
  • Balanced Cable

This cable is made by Cable For Musicians Ireland in Donegal by professional wire technicians with many years experience.  This is our budget line of custom balanced mic cable, however the same care and attention is given to the budget range as is given to our superior line cables.  We use Sommer Stage 22 which is a superior cable, however the connectors used on this cable range are the generic black budget connector.


  •  XLR 1 – XLR 1
  • XLR 2 – XLR 2
  • XLR 3 – XLR 3


  • Microphones
  • Mixing desks
  • Amplifier
  • FX unit
Contact Cable For Musicians if you are unsure.

For use with balanced interconnects only.


Cables less than 1m will be built the exact length specified in the order (Cable + Connector)

Cables greater than 1m are cut length of cable as specified in the order.  connector pins and casings can add up to 100mm to the overall length.  This is normally no concern at longer cable lengths, but please specify in your order if you need exact length in this case.

All of our cables are made after the point of order so we can accommodate requests you make during the order process. The default custom lengths available are 0.25m to 30m.  Longer lengths available on request.


One Thick Coat…Microphone Cable Neutrik.

Protects the inner structure against mechanical strain such as pulling, tearing and knotting. This is why we gave STAGE 22 a thick outer jacket of 6,40 mm. But also the electrical values and the technical construction are very presentable: the STAGE 22 has a low capacitance and high bending cycles, provided by the super thin, tightly stranded single litz wires. The shielding of bare Cu wires has an optical coverage of 99 % (instead of the otherwiseusual 85 %). The STAGE 22 is therefore the ideal cable for stage, homerecordists, renters and ELA technicians. The STAGE 22 is a very inexpensive cable, but you won’t have to accept any trade-offs.


  • High transmission quality due to the usw of fine stranding
  • Very rugged owing to the thick, soft PVC jacket
  • Good shielding due to dence helical copper mesh screen
  • High flexibility makes it easy to reel
  • Affordable price


  • Stage application
  • Home recording

Stage 22 Highflex
Microphone Cable

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