All Neutrik 16 Way Dreitec Stagebox Sommer Audience Multicore


  • Professional custom 16 way multicore on compact steel stagebox
  • Braided Tails.
  • XLR Sockets Neutrik NC3MD-LX & NC3FD-LX
  • Hanger for strain relief at breakout with split protection gland
  • XLR’s coded using Neutrik code ring.

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Length From Box To Connectors, Meters (Change to Required Length)
Fly End – Breakouts/Tails
Channel 1: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 2: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 3: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 4: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 5: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 6: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 7: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 8: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 9: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 10: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 11: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 12: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 13: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 14: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 15: Box - Tail Selection
Channel 16: Box - Tail Selection


16 channel stagebox with D-series connectors from Neutrik.  Fly end terminated with Neutrik Plugs.  Analogue

Such were the old knights …
protected by a mail shirt against arrow, blow and stab. Our flexible multipair cable is also equipped with a tightly woven “shirt“ made of a tin-plated copper braid, which does not only offer protection against electrical and magnetic interferences or rude kicks, but also against biting rodents. This is utterly important with installations in the open air or in buildings. Despite the braided shielding, the AUDIENCE is still pleasantly flexible, but for design reasons it shouldn’t be laid in a figure-8. Otherwise it has almost the same technical construction as the MISTRAL MCF.

Couple additional isolated, numbered and color-coded
PVC hose.
Excellent protection against interference due to the dense overall screen of the tinned copper braid
Extremely durable due to mechanical structure
Very affordable
Small in diameter
Permanent indoor and outdoor installation
Perfect studio line due to the high protection against interference

Our boxes and multicore are connected using professional grade connectors from Neutrik

Connector / Cable Gland:
Dreitec Steel Box
Supplied with rubber anti-skid feet.

PropertiesOFC oxygen free copper
Application areaStudio / Broadcast
Application areaMobile outdoor / indoor
Colour detailedblack
Signal transmissionsymmetrical
Jacket materialS-PVC
Jacket Ø [mm]15,00
Number of Channels (audio)16
Inner conductor (audio)2
Inner conductor (audio) [mm²]0,14
AWG (audio)26
Shielding factor [%]100


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