1/4″ Rean Budget Guitar Cable Straight Jack Sommer Tricone


Neutrik Rean reliable, flexible, and affordable economy grade jack to jack cable from Cable For guitar & bass.


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Length 0.15m - 30m

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Rean economy guitar cable custom built using the world renowned Sommer Cable instrument cable, connected with economy Neutrik Rean connectors NYS224C straight mono jacks.

Common name variants:

  • Guitar Cable
  • Patch Cable
  • Instrument Cable
  • Keyboard Lead
  • TS Screened Cable
  • Mono 1/4″ Jack Lead
  • 2 pole 1/4 Jack Cable
  • Straight Jack Plug Guitar Cable
  • Unbalanced 1/4″ Jack Plug Lead
  • 6.35mm Jack Cable
  • Jack to Jack Cable Unbalanced

This cable is made by Cable For Musicians Ireland in Donegal by professional wire technicians with many years experience.  This is our budget line of custom guitar and instrument cable, however the same care and attention is given to the budget range as is given to our superior line cables.  We use Sommer Tricone MKII which is a superior cable, however the connectors used on this cable range are the Neutrik budget connector Neutrik Rean.


  •  Tip Jack (Hot) – Tip Jack (Hot)
  • Sleeve Jack (Screen) – Sleeve Jack (Screen)
Contact Cable For Musicians if you are unsure.

For use with unbalanced interconnects only.


Cables less than 1m will be built the exact length specified in the order (Cable + Connector)

Cables greater than 1m are cut length of cable as specified in the order.  connector pins and casings can add up to 100mm to the overall length.  This is normally no concern at longer cable lengths, but please specify in your order if you need exact length in this case.

All of our cables are made after the point of order so we can accommodate requests you make during the order process. The default custom lengths available are 0.25m to 30m.  Longer lengths available on request.

Example applications:

  • Guitar to guitar amp
  • Keyboard to keyboard amp
  • Unbalanced interconnect with jack input and outputs
  • Mixer aux out to active monitor speaker
  • Mixer main out to powered speakers unbalanced

Sommer Tricone MKII:

The Tricone® MKII is a cable for guitar and keyboard has extremely good handling properties.  It is is flexible and remembers it’s coil shape well and plays its part in making the load out quicker and a little more stress free.  The construct of the cable, 0.2mm cross section and 0.1mm single litz wiring, provides a robustness that means the cable can take the every day rough and tumble of gigging.  The inner insulation is foam injected which helps to keep the handling good, but also plays a part in keeping the Capacitance to 85pF/m.  Subsequently the cable transmits the signal without loss of the higher frequencies which otherwise would degrade the tone of the output signal.  The inner insulation is wrapped in highly conductive carbonised plastic which removes the possibility of crackling and pops due to cable movement (occurs frequently in lower grade cable).  Insulation against electromagnetic interference is 100%.


  • Very robust due to the large wire cross-section and fine Cu single litz wires
  • Good electrical values due to the Skin PE insulation
  • 100% protection by dual shielding (helical copper mesh screen + conductive carbon screen)
  • High number of bending cycles
  • Dependable cable for live applications (guitar and keyboard)
  • Economy-priced Line-in or Patch cable for the Home recorder

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