1/4″ Neutrik Silent Guitar Cable Straight/Straight Sommer SC-Spirit XXL


Sommer XXL world class guitar cable also suited to bass connected with Neutrik NP2X AU Silent & NP2X

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Neutrik NP2RX AU Silent Connector Guitar Cable

The leading silent connector in the world.  Cut off switch in the sleeve allows musicians to plug and unplug from live system avoiding crackle.  The crackle that arises when normal jacks are unplugged can potentially lead to damaged speaker cones.  It is in all cases extremely irritating.  The plug is engineered to Neutriks world class standards.  It is rugged and serves its purpose extremely well.

The partner jack is the Neutrik NP2X as standard.  Also available NP2X-BAG, NP2X-B

Our endurance test champion…

in our ranks is called SC-Spirit XXL. This high-end guitar cable has been one of our most successful products over the past few years and enjoys absolute cult status among guitarists and bass players. Owing to its excellent price/performance ratio, it turned out as a multiple test winner in the German and international specialized press. The cable is robust and yet flexible, and its smoke-colored jacket gives it a high recognition value. The shielding is exemplary: its braid with 95 % coverage and the thick carbon screen (100 %) protect it from interferences. A special lacquer gives the lavishly foamed PE insulation an extreme durability and guarantees excellent transmission properties for many years to come. The wire cross-section of 0,75 mm² ensures a high signal level even over long distances. Our customers describe the sound of the SC-Spirit XXL as crystal clear, clean, very neutral, and it outstandingly reproduces the verve of bass attacks. CAUTION: The black carbon screen under the braided shield and on the insulation has a high conductance. Therefore it should by all means be removed when soldering!


  • Enormously powerful and clear sound image with bass, guitar and keyboard
  • Dual shielding by a combination of a copper mesh screen plus conductive
    carbon screen
  • Low-loss transmission due to low capacitance and large wire gauge
  • Very flexible and easy to reel because of its fine single litz design
  • Extremely durable and sturdy due to a special high-quality PVC jacket compound


  • High quality guitar and bass cable for studio and stage
  • Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixing desks etc.
  • Connection lead for CD/DVD/BluRay player/recorder

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