1/4″ Neutrik Guitar Cable Straight/Angled Sommer LLX Low Loss


A high end guitar cable with a capacitance of 52pF/meter. Terminated with precision engineered world class jacks from Hicon. This is simply the best cable we have come across. Connected with Neutrik NP2X and NP2RX.

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The ultra low-loss, flexible SC-SPIRIT LLX Guitar Cable is particularly suitable for the demanding live or studio guitarist. It has a wire cross-section of 0,38 mm², a heavy-duty PVC jacket of 7.5 mm diameter and is supplied with Neutrik.

Configuration: (LXGV-0600-SW)

3,6,9m Instrument Cable SC-SPIRIT LLX “LOW LOSS”; 1 x 0,38 mm²; PVC Ø 7,20 mm; black

1 x NP2X

1 x NP2RX

Sommer The Spirit LLX Low Loss Guitar Cable

When dealing with a new guitar cable, this involves creating an extremely low capacitance together with a breathtaking flexibility. Developing an insulation which ensures super low values by means of a gas-injected foaming – this is not an easy job, but well within the bounds of possibility for a professional cable maker. However, protecting this fragile insulation also against motion, creasing or twisting, is indeed a true challenge.

With the SC-SPIRIT LLX “LOW LOSS” we have fallen back on the same insulation design as it is used in professional HD-SD video cables. For extra stability of the inner construction we use an optimised concentrical litz stranding and a special insulation curing on the surface. For the outer jacket we have applied a rubberlike soft PVC jacket, which is highly flexible, extremely compact, stretches hardly and protects the whole inner structure from exterior influences.

Due to its low capacitance and its very special construction the SC-SPIRIT LLX “LOW LOSS” is one of the world’s ultra-low loss guitar cables.

With DIY assembly please watch out that the black carbon screen (sitting on the white insulation) is conductive and must therefore be removed to avoid ground contact with the inner conductor.


  • Extremely low capacitance values
  • Robust, twist-proof and easy to reel
  • Low-loss, detailed and neutral transmission properties
  • Double shielding by Cu mesh plus conductive carbon screen


  • Highly flexible cable for the demanding studio and live guitarist
  • High-quality patch cabling in the professional studio technology
  • High-end cable for the live DJ

Technical Data:
– Properties: Analog
– Properties: OFC oxygen free copper
– Application area: Stage / live
– Application area: Installation
– Application area: Studio / Broadcast
– Application area: Mobile outdoor / indoor
– Application: Instrument Cable
– Colour: black
– Colour detailed: black
– Signal transmission: asymmetrical
– Jacket material: PVC
– Shielding: Copper braided shielding + semiconductor
– Conductor insulation material: Foam / Skin-PVC
– UV-resistant: yes
– Style variant: round
– BPVo-Euroclass: Fca