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The Professional Custom Cable Service For Musicians

Cable For Musicians Ireland provides a professional custom cable service to Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our service is built on a combination of the leading connector brand Neutrik, and the leading cable manufacturers Sommer Cable Germany, Cordial, Klotz and Mogami. We custom build every order from the point of purchase, to the specifications provided by the customer. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and the quality of customer service we provide. The feed back from our customers has been exclusively positive regarding our products, workmanship, and our attitude to our customers.

The Sommer Cable company of Germany manufactures approximately 80% of the cable made in Germany.  They are the OEM producer for many of the audio cable brands that are well known among Irish musicians.  Although not yet as well known as an audio cable brand in Ireland, they are the market leader in many European countries and beyond.  Their audio, video, and power cable range is remarkable, providing Cable For Musicians Ireland with an ever expanding product catalogue for guitar cable, microphone cable, and many more of the cabling solutions required by musicians.  The quality of Sommer cable is one that we stand by with confidence.  

Our connector range is based around the Neutrik brand which is broadly regarded as one of the best connector brands in the world.  The build quality of their XLR, SpeakOn and Jack connectors is superb and guarantees that our cables have a long and happy life.  Guitar cable failure due to connector failure is a very rare occurrence.

Musicians will recognise that many of their guitar or mic cables fail due to the signal core fracturing from the solder cup and there are several reasons for this.  The quality of the solder and materials used in the soldering process and the attention to detail of the manufacturer.  Whether it is a mini jack , RCA, or XLR cable we always use 3% silver solder on our Neutrik connectors.  The addition of silver to the alloy radically increases the tensile strength of the the material and it rarely fails.  Another important element in our manufacturing process, and one that adds to the integrity of the solder connection, is the tinning of the signal cores.  As part of the tinning process we use flux water which ensures the naked core is tinned at depth, allowing for a complete and solid joint when the connection is made.